Aydar Sharipov, born in Russia, 1993, started career as a DoP in 2012. His first steps in filming were all about skate- and snowboarding videos before he set his focus on commercial and feature films.

As a student, he attended the State university of art in Kazan, where began developing skills as a Director of Pho­tography. After graduating, Aydar's exploration into film­making led him to USA, where he had an experience to work in movie industry.

Based in Moscow, Aydar has worked steadily as a cinematog­rapher shooting features, documentaries, and numerous com­mercials and music videos both domestically and interna­tionally in dozens of countries in 6 continents.

As a director, he developed a personal style that mixes great cinematic power with a very personal sensitivity, resulting in a unique poetic aesthetic that combines stun­ning imagery with a carefully crafted story background.

His debut feature «The Gentle Indifference of the World» has been an official selection in Un Certain Regard sec­tion of the Cannes Film Festival 2018 and won various in­ternational festivals. The second film, «A Dark-Dark Man», was presented to the world in Official Selection of the San Sebastian International Film Festival in 2019.

During all these years Aydar worked to develop a sensi­tive eye to everything around him, a point of view closer, sincere, and consistent with the story. A beautiful bal­ance between natural and stylish. A high sense of drama and screenplay, always carrying the story with sensitivity to the visual imagery where it belongs.